Did You Know Spouses Are Now Eligible For the IATSE Local 873 Extended Legal Benefits?

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That’s right! This comprehensive new plan for Wills and Power of Attorney's will now reimburse up to $300/member or $500/member and spouse towards a Network or Personal lawyer.

There are a number of additional legal services that form part of the program, including:

  • Reading or review of documents and contracts up to 4 pages in length,
  • Negotiation with other parties or their representatives to reach a settlement,
  • Support regarding calls to third parties,
  • Writing of letters to third parties,
  • Referrals and discounts on legal services,
  • Legal assistance by phone.

We believe that every member of Local 873 should have a Will and Power of Attorney for Property and Personal care.

IATSE Local 873 brings you a legal service program designed to provide added security, peace of mind - and to remove all stress and worry from the process.

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